10 points from the Phnom Penn


Dear All.

Tonights blog will be short and to the point….bullet point

1  Went treasure hunting. Remarkable exact finds and prayers prayed.

2  Great talk from Paul in church tonight. Even better when translated into Khymer language.

3  People responded to call or healing. 2 immediately healed. Wow

4  Approx 8 specific prophetic words in church tonight for Khymer people. Many encouraged and prayed for.

5  Really good talks with people of the church, building relationships

6  More blue painting than you can shake a stick at, but successfully completed and looking good.

7  Team all well in body if losing it in the mind. Hallelujah.

8  It’s not snowing here….Ho Ho

9  Hannah H has a new job …see photo

10  Thankyou for your prayers….and of course your blog comments

Love Chris or as they like to say in these parts Papa Chris


Aa church member and her mother in their house in the slums of PP.


A moto ride for 3


Hannah H directing traffic


3 for 1 and 1 for all!


Hi everyone!

Hannah H here! Nice to speak to you all. I have just read back through this before posting it, and it will come as no surprise that I seem to blog how I talk…. a lot!

I am currently sat in the bar area of our hotel next to the outdoor swimming pool with the rest of the team. There are palm trees and other exotic looking foliage, including a mango tree, decorating the rim of the pool. We are having our daily doses of Earl Grey and downloading from the day. Just wanted to give you a picture of how hard we are working and how we need to be covered in your prayers!……… 🙂

Today is day 5 of our trip and the weather seems to have increased to a new level today. Our day began similarly to yesterday with us all meeting at 9am at Jubilee Family Church for a prayer meeting and run down of the days events. We were led by Mike in a short bible study and then spent a good time worshipping together.

Our morning was split into two groups again, one group staying at the church to continue painting and other activities which Simon has found to keep us busy and others went treasure hunting. The office has been transformed and the front gate has now been painted bright green which looks very welcoming. The doors and windows to the church are almost finished being painted blue too. It all looks very good! Chris, Gemma and I went out with Savath, Mei Xiang and So’chear to do some treasure hunting around Phnom Penh. It was the first time Gemma, Mei Xiang and Socheart had done treasure hunting at all. We went out in two groups. Chris went with Socheart and Savath and they had a fruitful time meeting people from their ‘map’ and being led by God. They even met someone who had the Khmer name which Chris felt during praying at the beginning. Lots of faith building! Mei Xiang, Gemma and I went separately following ‘clues’ towards a burger shop and looking for watches. We met lots of people and had the chance to invited many to the event we are doing at the church tomorrow evening. Mei Xiang is a natural at evangelising! Gemma saw a young lady who was sat in such a manner which she pictured while we were praying before going out. We approached her and talked to her but to begin with she said nothing was relevant to her. Whilst Mei Xiang and Gemma were talking to her, God gave me a word of knowledge about her life, which I shared and we were able to pray for her specifically because she said it was real to her. We met a group of ladies in a watch shop who knew someone who worked in a different watch shop that had the same name as one I felt before going out (I thought I was making up a Cambodian name!). All in all, it was a very faith building time and we all really felt God at work through us.

In the afternoon Han-Na Cha and Mike went out treasure hunting with Savath and they equally had a great time experiencing God’s hand at work. Han-Na felt like they would meet someone with a broken leg and also that they would meet someone whose name began with ‘S’. They did both of these things and also got to pray for a few people during their time out. They all came back very encouraged and built up in God.

Paul, Liz, Chris and I spent the afternoon visiting one of the ladies from church in the slum village. She shared her story about how God spoke to her in a dream. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, which for someone with no money in this country is definitely bad news. She shared that in a dream, a man dressed in white with white hair came to her, told her his name was Jesus and asked her if she wanted to go with him to his place, where there is no sickness. The next day she sought out some westerners to ask who Jesus was. She has since been in Jubilee Family Church and is now saved! What an incredible testimony! We had the privilege of praying for her and prophesying over her and being made to feel so welcome in her home. God is very good! People who seem to have so little, sometimes appear to be some of the happiest people I have ever met!

Hannah S and Gemma had a full day of working in the church today – and what a good job they did too!

This evening we had a fun evening at Colin and Rachel Saunders house, one of the British families in the church, and their 4 wonderful children. It was a good evening in their new home (from the last time we were here) and their house helper had prepared the best curry I have ever had! If you are one of the people who has ever made me curry, I apologise, but this was amazing! Later this evening we wandered across the busy roundabout and round the Independence Monument and then went for ice cream/ice coffee.

Gemma would like me to share that the ice cream place we went to this evening is the same place where 2 years ago, Andrew spoke to Mike about getting a girlfriend who has a dog. Two years later, we are back and they are together! There will be a photo to follow of them together there!

It has been another great day in the fabulous country of Cambodia and we are all excited about what God is going to show us tomorrow! Whoop!!

Here are today’s quotes of the day:

1. Hannah S to Hannah H: ‘Can I just eat a little bit of your skin?’

2. Han-Na (to everyone, talking in the 3rd person): ‘Han-Na’s not dead yet’ (always insightful!)

3. Hannah H to Han-Na: ‘Please can I make you fly?’

As today’s quotes and therefore nonsensical-ness seemed to steer around the Hannah’s, we thought we would entitle this entry after us!

Good night, or as we like to say here, Lear which means Donkey!

Hannah H x

It’s been a busy day….


Hi all, Mike here! It’s 10.40 at night here in Cambodia, and I’m absolutely shattered and ready for bed. That doesn’t happen much in the UK.

It has fallen to me to let you know what’s been going on today. I’m going to try and put in a few photographs as well, hope it works!!!

We all awoke bleary-eyed this morning after Hannah’s 30th birthday celebrations (in case you’d forgotten it was her birthday).


After a mystifyingly odd but reassuringly similar breakfast and a short prayer time, we headed over to the church, where we had a short devotion and an excellent time of worship led by Simon Brown.

Just as an aside, for people asking for some pictures, here are some random traffic ones. There really aren’t many places like it!!




Anyway, after worship we spent the morning giving the church building a spring-clean/getting it ready for the new extension. Some of the team started sanding and painting the main gates and the rest of us began moving furniture around the building. Certainly many years of helping people move houses in Jubilee came in handy, especially maneuvering a large fridge down steep steps that were too narrow and where one slip would send it falling into a yard with a rather scary looking guard dog!!!! Never had to move stuff in temperatures over 30 in Coventry though!!??

After lunch we continued with a short period of work, then the team split up. Half, myself included went to a very poor slum area of Penom Penh where a couple of families from Jubilee Family Church live. We visited one lady from the church who is sick and we got to pray for her and prophesy with her which was really encouraging. We visited the same area last time and as last time, I was/am humbled by the strong faith of people in really difficult circumstances.



The other half went ‘Treasure Hunting’ (asking God to show us people he wants to speak to and then going and finding them). They had a really good time and ended up speaking to several people in a shopping centre, including one girl who used to go to church but had stopped going. Good times! There was however, depressing for Hannah Schofield in that the department store had one level entirely for handbags and shoes and she was at the slum. Something does tell me that God may be telling Hannah to go there when she does Treasure Hunting tomorrow though!!!!!

Afterwards we returned to the hotel and despite in bucketing down with rain and a very impressive thunder and lightning storm, we had a refreshing swim in the hotel pool, and played some incredibly silly but fun games. British people, huh…. (Oh and 1 Korean).


Afterwards, we went for meal, along with Simon and Becky at the Khymer Surin (or the one with all the greenery around it for those in the know). Despite managing to confuse the waiter completely we had a nice meal and now we are back here at the hotel. 

Hope you are enjoying our blogs and mine especially. Someone will be back tomorrow to let you know of our continuing adventures but, as has now quickly become a tradition, here are our quotes of the day. Thank you for voting for the other ones, please give your favourite out of these…

1. Simon Brown (after borrowing Paul’s clothes because of getting soaked in the rain): ‘It’s always good to wear Paul’s pants”

2. Hannah Harrison ”I’m $11 dollars, baby” (in response to getting her bill at dinner)

3. Hannah Schofield: (possibly sarcastically) ‘That’s what I like to do with my time, organise people’s underwear”

4. Mike: (for some reason completely oblivious to the world around him and randomly reading things from the menu, just at the point Hannah Schofield takes a picture of the group at dinner): ”Fish Balls”

Here are some more random pictures, just for your perusal!











Oh, and just to embarrass her, here’s a picture of me and Gemma! Bye!


Its My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Schofe here aka Birthday Girl………………………

I know I have kept this quiet (!!!) but I turned 30 today. For those who don’t know me so well my birthday is probably my favourite day of the year and this year I got to spend it in Cambodia. 

The day’s plans were a total surprise to me until we reached our destination…. We split into 2 groups the boys (Paul, Mike, Chris & Simon B) & Han-Na went on a cooking school which involved watching live fish be descaled & have bits cut off before being bashed over the head. They made some impressive looking food & banana bowls. They also made a trip to the Russian market where Chris demonstrated how to be secure in your identity while shopping for some presents for the ladies in his life. 

Me, Hannah H, Gemma, Liz & Becci headed the for the Open Arms (not the pub in Cheylesmore) but a Cambodian spa/salon. We enjoyed fruit & juice on arrival & were prayed for by our hosts. We then enjoyed a full body massage, Manicure, Pedicure (including some nail art) & a hair wash & style. Gemma & Liz also had hair cuts. We enjoyed all of these a very slow leisurely pace & were there from 9.30 – 4.30!! A lush day!

The afternoon was finished off by an ice coffee in Jars of Clay where the rest of the team meet us.

We have discovered that most of our quotes of the day come when we have all hit that tired slightly hysterical stage of the evening. (I was so tired this evening that I made Chris pick my dinner for me.) This means that we are also too tired to decide which is best quote so it is over to you again to decide…. (There is also one from last night which was too late to make the blog!)

1. Han-na in response to Hannah H’s question what is Good Night in Khmer ‘I don’t know but Leah means donkey”

2. Hannah S while looking a smiley face made out of my dinner “Yeah it looks like Andrew because he has small beady eyes and a huge nose.”

3. Chris “Life is a Spice Girls’ song”

4. Paul “Soup isn’t even food.”

Thanks for all your comments & prayers. We appreciate them all. I am off to finish my Earl Grey tea (which I believe goes by a different name in the Edward’s household???)

Thanks to all the team for giving me a really special Birthday.

Love the Birthday Girl. xxx

Day one in the big brother house..


Liz blogging..

Han-Na, Hannah S and i arrived safely last night although baggage claim was a disaster for one. Han-Na has survived with much grace and patience without her luggage (!) but we were all thrilled when she was reunited this evening with her long lost suitcase. Horray!

Today was our first experience of Jubilee Family Church there were many more people than i expected to see – these guys really do need a bigger meeting room! It was, of course, wonderful to see Simon and Becci again, who seem to be doing really well and have learned an impressive amount of Khmer. “The Team” were introduced to the church and together we did an assembly style ‘talk’ to share our stories and experience with the gifts of the spirit. I think it all went really well, and we all really enjoyed worshipping in two languages!

After church, we had lunch at Simon and Becci’s, and got the grand tour of their mansion.. i mean, house. It was really good to have some down-time as we have varying degrees of jet lag. And, IT’S REALLY HOT HERE! So, most of us returned to the hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool.

At 5pm we met the church at the river for a river boat ride, where we shared snacks from home, and got to know the church a little better. Insect repellant at the ready, we watched as the sun went down over Phnom Penh and tried to avoid hosts of mosquitos.. I think we mostly succeeded! As you can see from the pic to follow, Simon Brown has learned some new moves.. some might say they’re a little like Jaggar..

After having a curry together, including many laughs, we are now sat around the pool with wine, talking about blogging and wondering what should be our “Quote for the day”..

Maybe you can decide from our favourites:

1) Hannah H “Was that Schofe?… no, it was a parrot.”

2) Han-Na “I’m really generous with food i don’t like”

3) Chris (on route to the river, talking to Paul from another tuk tuk) “If we hold hands across, we could take someone’s head off!”

4) And lastly, on the boat, Chris turns to the Cambodian lady behind him, whilst learning a dance
“Am i doing this right?” to which she replied “yes, but i don’t know how to do it either.”..

We are all having fun, hoping to sleep well tonight (think i’ve had 6 hours sleep since thursday night) and we have our day off tomorrow!

For people who have been on a team to Cambodia before, Gemma would like to comment on just how much the church have learned about worship, and that god seems to have completely healed her fear of flying.. she was relaxed and asleep for more take-offs and landings than she was awake!

All for now, someone else will blog tomorrow. It’s Hannah S’s birthday, and she doesn’t know what we have planned yet!


We have arrived… well, mostly


Hello one ‘n all, it’s currently 8.08pm local time on Saturday but to be honest, most of us don’t really know what time or what day it is!  Chris, Gemma, Mike, Hannah and I arrived at 1.30pm this afternoon after a pretty long flight on a pretty ropy plane, but we did get a slightly unexpected bonus trip to Laos, albeit only for 20 minutes in the transit lounge to then get back on the same plane we’d just got off.

We met Becci at the airport and then checked into our hotel, very nice!  After a cooling smoothie at the poolside and being joined by Simon, we went for a wander into Phnom Penh, only to get stopped at the end of the road by armed police who told us (and the rest of the traffic) to wait.  Moments later we heard sirens going and then a procession of police cars emerged, followed by a huge crowd of Harley Davidsons surrounding a blacked out Mercedes limo, which turned out to have the President of China in it who is here for an official state visit… again, bonus!

Some nice food had, now back at the hotel waiting for Han-Na Cha to arrive from Singapore in the next hour, and then Liz and Hannah Schofield arriving (hopefully not too late!) this evening.

Early start in the morning, we’re running a ‘school assembly’ on prophecy instead of a preach at church tomorrow.  Really looking forward to being with the church again!

Hope you all have a great Sunday together in His presence too. God bless!