Just a small selection of photos for you to enjoy!


One of the team’s first tuk-tuk journeys!


Paul had a lift on the back of Simon’s moto


Another tuk-tuk journey


The sunset whilst we were on the river boat ride with most of Jubilee Family Church PP


Phally trying on Paul’s hat on the boat trip


Liz and Hannah on Hannah’s 30th birthday on the way to her suprise day treats!


One of the boys at the village who followed us walking through


Walking along the ‘street’ in the village where we visited some of the members of the church in their homes

Independence Monument (plus christmas tree – apparently for the Chinese president? Not sure if he chose the theme)

Liz and Hannah at the Independence Monument


Playing with the exposure on my camera with the lit up fountains at the monument

The picture of Mike and Gemma, as promised, at the ice cream place where Andrew spoke to Mike 2 years ago!


Chris and Paul swapping tuk-tuks at a ‘junction’! The only evidence we have!


Han-Na and Paul giving us their vogue faces!


Hannah and Hannah giving theirs!!


Lay, our happy, dancing, trusty tuk-tuk driver for the week


The three Hannah’s on the boat trip evening


I’m sure there will be more to follow, on facebook, possibly on here or in person! Thank you all so much for following our trip whilst we have been here. Currently we think we can work out that Hannah, Liz and Han-Na will have begun their final flight. Chris and Gemma fly home from here at 5pm (out time) this evening. Mike begins a few days of travelling around neighbouring areas and leaves at 5pm today too and Paul and I are spending a couple of days with Simon and Becci. We have all thoroughly enjoyed updating you all on our activities during our trip and have loved reading your comments. Thank you very much for following our blog. In the same way as Paul started this blog, I will finish it (for now) with……

…..See you on the other side!
God bless!

Hannah H x (aka Sporty/Baby spice) :o)


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  1. Hi there
    Great photos great fun and what a deposit you’ve all given and received You guys are awesome! Praying for safe travelling and that you and Paul will continue to have a great time with Simon and Becci
    We look forward to welcoming you all home and celebrating together all Gods done and continuing to do in JC PP
    Love to you all Martyn Judy Beth

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