The 3 Hannah’s in…


Today was all about church.  It was our final opportunity to meet with Jubilee Family Church, Phnom Penh.  We led the service from start to finish, with a varied programme, including the 3 Hannah’s in a version of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  Props were rare, therefore pens became loaves and bottle of water became fish… you had to be there.  Safe to say a message about provision was somehow got across to the congregation.

Joking apart, and following a talk from Paul, we were thrilled and excited to have people in the church participate in tongues and interpretation, giving prophecy and initiating worship, i.e. starting songs.  Simon and Becci were really excited about this and it all bodes well for the future.  As a team we were so grateful to God for allowing us to be part of this emerging prophetic church.

Afterwards we played some silly games and ate Easter eggs and then had some lunch all together.  We then got to pray and prophesy over the core members of the church, before waving our tearful goodbyes and going back to the hotel.  We have made some excellent friends this week and have been honored and humbled by their response inside and outside the fellowship.

Thank you to everyone for your support in prayers and messages, we have really appreciated it and it has really felt like two churches in partnership with each other for His glory.

We have just waved off Hannah S, Han-Na C and Liz, their flight is just 11pm Cambodia time.  It feels quite weird to have a smaller team left, and a bit quieter!

One final quote for the day;

Han-Na Cha: ”I could be Jesus” – I’m quite glad she’s not!

Over and out.


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  1. Am enjoying the blogs. Happy (belated) Easter to you all. You continue in our prayers.

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