The Main Event


Hello. Its my (Gemma) turn to update you today. 

We had an earlier start this morning than the other mornings because we had to be at the church early to do the speaking in tongues and interpretation workshop and the prophesy workshop. We nearly didn’t get there, in response to a comment about decapitating moto drivers, or other road users, Hannah H and Chris nearly succeeded in this this morning. In their attempt at holding hands across the two tuk-tuk’s, the decapitation of an innocent moto driver was only prevented by the look of horror on Hannah S’s face, causing them to withdraw their arms into their own tuk-tuk’s!

These workshops are what we have been building up to all week. They went very well and Simon and Becci were as encouraged and blessed as much as the church members attending them. Each workshop was run twice so everybody could attend both. 

The prophesy workshop was run by Hannah S and Chris. In the practical part of it nearly everybody heard something from God and felt able to share what they heard, which was really encouraging for us and them. 

The tongues and interpretation workshop was run by Liz and Han-Na. People were willing to give speaking in tongues and interpreting a tongue a try. In the second session, Becci spoke in tongues and the interpretation given was almost identical to the word that she had given in the previous prophesy session. This really encouraged us and showed us that God was working with us. Our prayer would be that the people of the church continue to grow in these new found gifts. Afterwards everybody who attended, ate lunch together.

In the afternoon, Chris, Paul and the three H’s all went to Tuol Sleng genocide museum. Mike went back to the hotel to sort out next weeks travel plans, and Liz and I went shopping for final presents and we also looked at jewellery, because we’re girls! The rest of our afternoon was very relaxing. We returned to the hotel and went for a swim to cool off and stayed in the pool until we were wrinkly! We then stayed by the pool, enjoyed a drink, chatted and read our books until everyone else eventually returned from their adventures. When they returned, at least two of the H’s were weighed down with heavy bags. Possibly something to do with shoes! 

This evening we went to a restaurant called Mangosteen where we were joined by Simon and Becci.The table was on the roof top giving us a lovely view of the buildings opposite. The boys noticed a screen showing a football match and in order to find out the score, they stood on the chairs a little too close to the edge of the roof for comfort. 

Tomorrow Hannah S, Han-Na and Liz are catching their flights home, so they are now packing and everyone else is enjoying their daily dose of Earl Grey Tea. I’m off to join them in a minute, but first I need to give you our quotes for today…..

Paul: ”I just feel cute” 

Mike: “Prolapsed Rectum!” (apparently referring to 2 Chronicles 21:15, 18-19 but we’re not convinced of his excuse…)

Chris: “If you were doing singstar in Cambodia it would be quite hard wouldn’t it?”


Which is your favourite?


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  1. Hi there
    Sanity issues aside and they are very widely aside Paul’s quote is we believe the quote of the day! The workshops sound amazing! Not sure Coventry ring road aka the Colliseum is a long term punt For a Tuk Tuk business ! Although the sound track from the gladiator would be helpful to play to those who are brave enough to try such a Tuk Tuk rideLooking forward to seing you all soon and to seeing Simon & Becci not so long after: Sounds like you’ve all been a great encouragement and look forward to the difference this has made to you and JC PP impacting (or should I say spicing up) us here too Love to you all Martyn Judy Beth

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