Paul’s Epistle to the Simpkin


Grace and peace to you and all who travel on your lear (lear means donkey). This is written in my own Phnom Penh.

We are always pleased to hear of your faith and perseverance. Greet the Saxton and the Sharpe brothers with Johm Riap Sua (jum reep sur – hello) and pass onto them the good news that there is always a space in the pool of life at the Villa Langka.

When I was considering what I want, what I really really want in order to spice up my life, (because life is a spice girl’s song) I had an epiphany of my true calling Two become One tuk-tuk driver. Therefore, since I have been surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses on one moto, I have decided to hand in my resignation and become Coventry’s only tuk-tuk driver.

Please pray without ceasing for my safety on the ring road.

Preah Yesoo Bro Tien bo Niak
(Jesus bless you)

Paul Harrison


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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂
    Been a long day today then?

    Will certainly pray for you, though more for your sanity than the new job.


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this update, think there’s som real evangelistic merit in becoming a tuk-tuk driver- we just need a tuk-tuk, though (james noble should be able to knock something up fairly quick-sharp-like!)

    Have officially asked the elders to read this aloud to the church, as epistles are supposed to be-wish I could be there!

    Continue to have lots of fun, you continue to be loved, missed and prayed for.


  3. Ha Ha Ha…that made me laugh a lot!!! We miss you all and are looking forward to the return of you mad folk!!!

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