Spice up your life


Most of the team are pretending at acrobats in the pool and I can hear Hannah H’s distinctive laugh piercing through.  This is after 2 Hannah’s jumped into the pool… fully clothed.  As this is an entry by the other Han-Na, I leave you to make an educated guess.  I think that pretty much sums up that wherever we go, we create LOTS of noise and make waves.

Mike, Chris and Paul had an early start by going to the Killing Fields in the morning – a rather more sober and reflective start to the day compared to the rest of the team.  While Hannah S caught up on the gossip with an old uni friend at a coffee shop, Becci took the rest of us round the sauna, which is the Russian Market, for some shopping. 

The thing about heat in the russian market is that it creeps up on you gradually.  Initially you wonder what the fuss is about, but then you feel a drop making it’s way down your back, which quickly turns into a steady stream.  My top tip to you: wear 2 layers and a colour that doesn’t change when you sweat in it.

The team have asked me to write this one about food, which has me in a pickle slightly because I can’t upload any photos to the blog. 

Most of the team have healthy stomachs (minus Liz and me, and ‘Mike’s slightly on the turn now’).  Praise God.  I’d really like to applaud them on their willingness to be adventurous with their food, to the extent of willingly indulging me for the unknown entity of Vietnamese phô, to a restaurant in a vague location, “with lights, somewhere near the Monument.  Lay knows it” (seriously that’s all I had to go on!)  It definitely had lights, atmosphere (well, until we arrived) and some random milkshakes.  Anyone heard of sourdop?

But maybe it shouldn’t come as too much a surprise because the team have had less to go on when they’ve gone treasure hunting.  We’ve had 4 great days of treasure hunting – this afternoon being another of them.  Some of the teams came back not having found their treasure; others found it and had opportunities to pray.

While the team spent the afternoon treasure-hunting, I went off with Esther to the Russian market to buy groceries for dinner and to be her sous-chef.  (and props to Hannah H for looking after the Saunders kids so that both the parents could go hunting). 

My favourite moment of the afternoon: buying spring rolls and a sweet, creamy banana dessert for dinner from a stall in the Russian Market to feed the team… heheheheheheee

Exciting fruit that we had today:

  • Mangosteen – looks like garlic but tastes really sweet
  • Gas fruit – you peel them like lycees but more sour and with seeds in them

3 quotes of the day:

1. Hannah Harrison: “Now I feel like a sealion”

2. Sopheary to Chris “Your face is funny when you eat” much laughter from the team.  (later, she adds… “Like Mr. Bean”)

3. The scene.  After dinner, Chris is trying to fight his way through Tevy and Sopheary to do the dishes.

Chris: Look, I’m older than you-

Sopheary: So you need to REST!

p.s Byles’s in reply to your Q: if anyone wants the attention of the H’s or the girls even! they call out “Hannah” then qualify it with either ‘this Hannah’ or ‘not you Hannah, THIS Hannah’.

We are also called:

Hannah Harrison ‘Hannah H’ ‘pink Hannah’ ‘Hannah Paul’ (the latter 2 only by the Saunders kids)

Hannah Schofield: ‘Schofe’ ‘Hannah Schofield’ ‘Hannah purple’ ‘Hannah sunglasses’ (the latter 2 only by the Saunders kids)

Han-Na Cha: ‘Cha’, ‘Han-Na Cha’, Han-Na blue (the last one only by the Saunders kids)

Since ‘life is a Spice girls song’ (ref: Chris), we have now begun the process of naming each of the girls after a spice girl.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Great to hear the fun and games continue and being fruitful in so many ways. We think life is a spice girls song will become part of the Jubilee lexicon – There’s just SO much you can do with a saying like that. To help here are some suggestions to rename the Hannah’s and help all those in both Jubilees here there past present and future
    Hannah Harrison. “Sporty Spice”
    Han-Na Cha. “Ginger Spice”
    Hanna Schofield. “Posh Spice”

    Praying for healthy tummies sound sleep and lasting treasure
    Love to you all Martyn Judy Beth

  2. Reblogged this on Amos5's Blog and commented:
    Jubilee Church Coventry @ Jubilee Family Church Cambodia. Please read, enjoy, and pray – it’s been an amazing week for all concerned, and tomorrow is Easter day. Please pray that all who come will know the joy and power of the resurrection, and that lasting fruit will come forth in both churches.

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