10 points from the Phnom Penn


Dear All.

Tonights blog will be short and to the point….bullet point

1  Went treasure hunting. Remarkable exact finds and prayers prayed.

2  Great talk from Paul in church tonight. Even better when translated into Khymer language.

3  People responded to call or healing. 2 immediately healed. Wow

4  Approx 8 specific prophetic words in church tonight for Khymer people. Many encouraged and prayed for.

5  Really good talks with people of the church, building relationships

6  More blue painting than you can shake a stick at, but successfully completed and looking good.

7  Team all well in body if losing it in the mind. Hallelujah.

8  It’s not snowing here….Ho Ho

9  Hannah H has a new job …see photo

10  Thankyou for your prayers….and of course your blog comments

Love Chris or as they like to say in these parts Papa Chris


Aa church member and her mother in their house in the slums of PP.


A moto ride for 3


Hannah H directing traffic


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  1. – Hannah-you want to get to heaven sooner with that job?!
    – Good to see Kam Pleang’s mum again – we pray for her regularly.
    – Impressively bullet pointed blog post
    – Keep going guys, you’re really blessing those around you
    – much love from the following:
    -Pip (just for Mike…)
    -PS How are you coping with the Hannah, Hannah, Han-na thing? Do you call them S, C, H when you want a particular Hannah/Han-na? We just wondered…

  2. Papa chris, I think that’s a keeper!!!

    Great update, thanks for keeping us informed – its so exciting to hear what God is up to through the team, and I’m praying it is just the start of some very exciting things for both Jubilee’s.

    Lots of love to all, you’re all being missed but that just means we’re with you in the Spirit.


  3. Hi there
    Really enjoyed your blogs made us laugh cry and pray in equal measure ( well praying measure is quite a bit more!) Love the quotes and yes I think Papa Chris is going to be a permanent and very appropriate reference
    Thanks too for the photos
    It all sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job very anointed, great equipping lots of fun and staying (relatively) sane
    Praying for you and we spent most of the Thursday morning prayer time praying for you
    Love to you all Martyn Judy Beth

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