Its My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Schofe here aka Birthday Girl………………………

I know I have kept this quiet (!!!) but I turned 30 today. For those who don’t know me so well my birthday is probably my favourite day of the year and this year I got to spend it in Cambodia. 

The day’s plans were a total surprise to me until we reached our destination…. We split into 2 groups the boys (Paul, Mike, Chris & Simon B) & Han-Na went on a cooking school which involved watching live fish be descaled & have bits cut off before being bashed over the head. They made some impressive looking food & banana bowls. They also made a trip to the Russian market where Chris demonstrated how to be secure in your identity while shopping for some presents for the ladies in his life. 

Me, Hannah H, Gemma, Liz & Becci headed the for the Open Arms (not the pub in Cheylesmore) but a Cambodian spa/salon. We enjoyed fruit & juice on arrival & were prayed for by our hosts. We then enjoyed a full body massage, Manicure, Pedicure (including some nail art) & a hair wash & style. Gemma & Liz also had hair cuts. We enjoyed all of these a very slow leisurely pace & were there from 9.30 – 4.30!! A lush day!

The afternoon was finished off by an ice coffee in Jars of Clay where the rest of the team meet us.

We have discovered that most of our quotes of the day come when we have all hit that tired slightly hysterical stage of the evening. (I was so tired this evening that I made Chris pick my dinner for me.) This means that we are also too tired to decide which is best quote so it is over to you again to decide…. (There is also one from last night which was too late to make the blog!)

1. Han-na in response to Hannah H’s question what is Good Night in Khmer ‘I don’t know but Leah means donkey”

2. Hannah S while looking a smiley face made out of my dinner “Yeah it looks like Andrew because he has small beady eyes and a huge nose.”

3. Chris “Life is a Spice Girls’ song”

4. Paul “Soup isn’t even food.”

Thanks for all your comments & prayers. We appreciate them all. I am off to finish my Earl Grey tea (which I believe goes by a different name in the Edward’s household???)

Thanks to all the team for giving me a really special Birthday.

Love the Birthday Girl. xxx


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  1. It’s your birthday? Why didn’t you mention this before?? Hope you got to share some durian with your birthday twin, Mr Savath 🙂
    We’re all thoroughly enjoying the photos…more please 🙂 see if you can beat the record for most passengers on a moto…or strangest load…

  2. Great to hear all about your birthday, Hannah. Sounds like it was a lush day. I like all the above quotes so it is too hard to pick a favourite. HaN-Na’s quote (number 1), did make me laugh out loud though, so if pushed for a vote, would have to go for that one! X

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