Day one in the big brother house..


Liz blogging..

Han-Na, Hannah S and i arrived safely last night although baggage claim was a disaster for one. Han-Na has survived with much grace and patience without her luggage (!) but we were all thrilled when she was reunited this evening with her long lost suitcase. Horray!

Today was our first experience of Jubilee Family Church there were many more people than i expected to see – these guys really do need a bigger meeting room! It was, of course, wonderful to see Simon and Becci again, who seem to be doing really well and have learned an impressive amount of Khmer. “The Team” were introduced to the church and together we did an assembly style ‘talk’ to share our stories and experience with the gifts of the spirit. I think it all went really well, and we all really enjoyed worshipping in two languages!

After church, we had lunch at Simon and Becci’s, and got the grand tour of their mansion.. i mean, house. It was really good to have some down-time as we have varying degrees of jet lag. And, IT’S REALLY HOT HERE! So, most of us returned to the hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool.

At 5pm we met the church at the river for a river boat ride, where we shared snacks from home, and got to know the church a little better. Insect repellant at the ready, we watched as the sun went down over Phnom Penh and tried to avoid hosts of mosquitos.. I think we mostly succeeded! As you can see from the pic to follow, Simon Brown has learned some new moves.. some might say they’re a little like Jaggar..

After having a curry together, including many laughs, we are now sat around the pool with wine, talking about blogging and wondering what should be our “Quote for the day”..

Maybe you can decide from our favourites:

1) Hannah H “Was that Schofe?… no, it was a parrot.”

2) Han-Na “I’m really generous with food i don’t like”

3) Chris (on route to the river, talking to Paul from another tuk tuk) “If we hold hands across, we could take someone’s head off!”

4) And lastly, on the boat, Chris turns to the Cambodian lady behind him, whilst learning a dance
“Am i doing this right?” to which she replied “yes, but i don’t know how to do it either.”..

We are all having fun, hoping to sleep well tonight (think i’ve had 6 hours sleep since thursday night) and we have our day off tomorrow!

For people who have been on a team to Cambodia before, Gemma would like to comment on just how much the church have learned about worship, and that god seems to have completely healed her fear of flying.. she was relaxed and asleep for more take-offs and landings than she was awake!

All for now, someone else will blog tomorrow. It’s Hannah S’s birthday, and she doesn’t know what we have planned yet!



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  1. Hannah’s birthday tomorrow? Really? She’s been rather quiet about that…

    Glad you’re all now there safely and hurrah for the luggage arrival. Well done Gem too! Probably the thought of Mike’s nocturnal noises which made sleeping during take off a far better option.

    Amazing stuff to hear about the church and worship – more Lord, more. Bo rit so bo rit so der der der der Drong. (Simon and Becci will understand what I mean.)

    Your clan were dressed, fed and watered this morning Liz, all very happy looking – Gareth being a great daddy as always.

    Have a good rest tomorrow and have a fab week blessing the church’s socks off. And make sure your socks get blown off too by our wonderful Lord.

    Love to all and enjoy your plans for the day

    Rochelle x

  2. Oh, and I vote for number 3 being the quote of the day.

    Although they may have got their own hands sliced off if they accidently caught a pane of glass on the back of a moto, as we saw a few times.


  3. Great blog update, Liz – another first for you, good start to your week!

    So glad the start of the week has gone well, and that the most stressful thing that has happened (luggage) has now resolved, thankyou Jesus.

    Great news on the flying, Gemma-our God is faithful, and what He’s done before He’ll do again – so what other fear is next to overcome? Go for it!

    Love to you all, you are all being missed, but for myself it is such a joy to be caught up in God’s mission in this way – approaching parenting as releasing my wife to mission is way different to ‘hope we cope’!

    Enjoy your day off, everyone, have fun and get ready to be a blessing!


  4. Glad you are all OK.

    Dodgy airlines are all part of life’s big adventure. (Just don’t send me on one …)

    Quote of the day has to be no.2.

    Glad you’ve all managed to make it through to a day off. Just one question so far: “Why didn’t Paul give his personal tract to the president of China?”

    Love to you all. Andrew

  5. I can see why Hannah was confused with a parrot…feel like this should be your quote of the day! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, I did think about you. Love you lots x

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