We have arrived… well, mostly


Hello one ‘n all, it’s currently 8.08pm local time on Saturday but to be honest, most of us don’t really know what time or what day it is!  Chris, Gemma, Mike, Hannah and I arrived at 1.30pm this afternoon after a pretty long flight on a pretty ropy plane, but we did get a slightly unexpected bonus trip to Laos, albeit only for 20 minutes in the transit lounge to then get back on the same plane we’d just got off.

We met Becci at the airport and then checked into our hotel, very nice!  After a cooling smoothie at the poolside and being joined by Simon, we went for a wander into Phnom Penh, only to get stopped at the end of the road by armed police who told us (and the rest of the traffic) to wait.  Moments later we heard sirens going and then a procession of police cars emerged, followed by a huge crowd of Harley Davidsons surrounding a blacked out Mercedes limo, which turned out to have the President of China in it who is here for an official state visit… again, bonus!

Some nice food had, now back at the hotel waiting for Han-Na Cha to arrive from Singapore in the next hour, and then Liz and Hannah Schofield arriving (hopefully not too late!) this evening.

Early start in the morning, we’re running a ‘school assembly’ on prophecy instead of a preach at church tomorrow.  Really looking forward to being with the church again!

Hope you all have a great Sunday together in His presence too. God bless!


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  1. Vietnam Airlines…Mwah ha ha ha ha

    try not to be too envious when a rested and relaxed Schof and Liz arrive after their Asiana flight.


    Have a very blessed, erm, assembly, tomorrow.

  2. WOOP WOOP glad you’ve all arrived safely
    (faith statement!) is there a link btw Chris’ quote of the day and seeing the President of a nation that embodies that quote??? LOVE the photos
    Thinking of you and praying for you ALL Team, Jubilee Church PP Simon & Beci
    From Martyn Judy Princess Bethany xxx

  3. Hello team!!!
    Good to hear of your safe arrival – (trusting that Han-Na, Hannah and Liz also arrived safely!). Excited about the work God has for you there and can’t wait to hear more of it! Praying for you. Getting ready for Jubilee Cov meeting now – as you can imagine in our house, I don’t have too long to spare so will sign off!!!
    God bless you, Cathy and co.

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